dimecres, 26 de setembre de 2012


I hope to finish my studies to go to New York and work in a good job. My dream is to live in New York because I like very much this city.

I think that the Unit States is a big country with a lot of opportunities of work also is a country with a lot of people of all the world, with a lot of cultures and I think that I can learn a lot of this mix of cultures.

I have been told that people leaves home at 18 years old. This gives them a big advantage and experience. This country helps the entrepreneurs to do reality an idea and is a country has always give a lot of opportunities for create a business with successI hope to rent a nice apartment in a good neighborhood and to work near to the apartment. My dream is to decorate the apartment and if I close my eyes I see it. Because I love being with family and friends, I come every year to spend the summer holidays and Christmas at home.

This is my dream!

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