diumenge, 10 de maig de 2015

NEWS: The mother who drank 24 cans of Red Bull a DAY - but cured her addiction with hypnosis

Ms Weatherill lives with boyfriend Phil Evans, 27, and four children aged between three and 14. He started drinking Redbull 2005 while studying, but in 2009 he noticed that I was completely hooked on this drink. I could not take anything without it. In 2010 it took 24 cans a day to care for their four children and stay awake at night to study to finish the race.

Eventually I could not do anything without this drink before drinking. He was wrong, had palmitacions, was depressive. Was taking half the lethal dose of caffeine. She finally decided to do something about the problem after she realised the constant need for the Red Bull was severely damaging her health.

But, incredibly, she claims she was completely cured of her addiction after a single session of 50 minuts with cognitive behavioral hypnotherapist David Kilmurry on April 11.

I think this drink is dangerous because produce a lot of addiction and also theirs components are entirely artificials and very harmful to the health. Some Europeans countries have banned this drink.

She was lucky, because any person could have died. People must understand that these drinks are like a drug and the health department should review and ban these types of drinks.

Sarah Weatherill, 31, was so addicted to Red Bull she drank 24 cans a day leaving her lethargic, depressed, suffering heart palpitations and constantly anxious

HUMAN RIGHTS NEWS: Klity Creek's neglected toxic lead legacy

Klity Creek (Thailand) is now also one of the most polluted industrial sites in all of Thailand. Eleven kilometres upstream is a former lead factory. The factory, was ordered to close in 1998. But still very polluted.

The residents of lower Klity Creek for decades they have been exposed to toxic lead. All this has led many people suffer heavy lead poisoning, some symptoms are: headaches, fatigue, and mood changes. Some children have been born with severe intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Pollution Control Department (PCD), the government body charged with preventing and resolving pollution problems, don't have nothing to solve the problem.

The villagers can't drinking water or eating fish from the creek because the water is very contaminated.

In 2003, a superior court ordered the government to clean up a toxic site.


Advantages and disadvantages of being famous

Today a lot of people want to be famous because they have everything they want: a lot of money, cars, mansions, etc. The big majority comes from TV and magazines... But that doesn't mean they be happy.

On the one hand, being famous it is great because they have resolved your life. There are differents kinds of celebrities, there are people to live very well, they have a lot of money almost without to work, but there are also celebrities that have studied and have achieved everything by themselves.

On the other hand, being famous is also bad, since at all times follow you the paparazzis and at the end so much money also cause problems. A lot of celebrities are hooked on drugs or alcohol. Moreover, many of them do a lot off cosmetic surgery and are deformed.

In conclusion, I wouldn't like being famous because I don't like to be controlled all day, and can not to do anything without that all the people are informed.

NEWS: Microsoft to stop producing Windows versions

Jerry Nixon, a Microsoft development executive, said in a conference speech that Windows 10 is the last major revision of the operating system. There will be a Windows 11. He says that this is a positive step, but it does have some risks, now Microsoft will have to work hard.

They will not stop working, on the contrary; now they have a great challenge and a lot of work. He said that Windows is not paralyzed and will move forward again.

To date were forced to offer new updates and technologically speaking it's good not because it is better to change and follow other ways to create innovative technology.From now on Windows will be delivered as a service bringing new innovations.

I think commercials are technical and that the company is very smart and efficient and everything they do to make more money.

Surely from now to continue using Windows 10 you have to pay a subscription. I think this news is a business strategy.

Windows 98 launch

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Next year

I only have one month for do the exams of selectivity. I will work this summer, because the next year I go to the university in Girona and I need the money for help a little my parents to pay all the expenses. I will live with two friends in an apartment in Girona. The university is also very expensive and I want to help my parents.

I really want to go live with my friends, because I want to be an independent person and not rely my parents as I have done all my life. Two years ago, my brother went to study in Barcelona, now it is my turn to be independent.

But now my priority is study a lot for approve all the exams and get a good mark of the selectivity exams, to enter in the degree that I want.

NEWS: Japan: Zoo sorry for naming monkey after new princess

The Takasakiyama Zoo, in southern Japan, put the name of Charlotte to the first female macaque monkey of the year. They put this name as a tribute to the princess of the British royal family. It is a tradition to put a name to the first newborn macaque monkey each year. And it is through a public vote.

This caused many complaints to a lot of people that they considered disrespectful to the British royal family. So the zoo has apologized on its website and they still thinking of renaming the monkey.
I think it is a beautiful tradition and anyone must not break this tradition. It is a popular vote therefore, in my opinion; the zoo must not rename the monkey, because the majority has decided in this way.
I do not think that it is disrespectful, quite the opposite. I think the people are very much exaggerated and the zoo can not to do attention to these people.

Macaque monkeys eating blossom

NEWS: Burnt-out passenger ferry to be towed to Valencia port

The ferry called Sorrento caught fire 20 miles from Mallorca with 156 people on board between passengers and crew. On April 28 the evacuation was a success. The captain gave the order to evacuate the ferry on lifeboats, but now the more worrying is that the ferry carried 740 tons of fuel that can represent an ecological disaster.

Now the Sorrento is it around 100 nautical miles from the coast of ValenciaThe operation to transport it to port will be very risky because is necessary to try that the fuel does not leak into the sea. The Public Works Minister Ana Pastor had said that the government’s priority was to ensure that the ferry will not contaminate the Mediterranean coast.

I think that is a very important issue because in recent years in different parts of Spain, particularly in Galicia and the Canary Islands have passed similar acts that they are a very big ecological disaster.

If the fuel is spilled at the sea, apart of the destruction of the plants and animals of the sea represents an economic injury because the tourism in this affected area is very much damaged. The governments must do the necessary to find solutions to these accidents.