dilluns, 7 de gener de 2013


First of all I would like to say that I like very much the scary movies but really scare me so much. My favorite movie is Saw and I Saw this film at the cinema with friends. Personally I think that it is a good film and I Saw the six movies fortunately I went to see all the movies with my friends because I could not go alone because they are scared. In my opinion the actors do very well and I believe the director and the script are very good.
The film’s story revolves around Adam and Lawrence, two men who are chained in a dilapidated subterranean bathroom and are each giver instructions of a microcassette records on how to escape. Adam is told he must escape the bathroom, while Lawrence’s family will die. Meanwhile the police investigate and attempt to apprehend the mastermind behind the game.
Finally I recommend everyone to see this movie.

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