dissabte, 12 d’octubre de 2013


Women Spend $768 Million A Year On Nail Polish

2013 was a good year for brands of beauty products. All these brands have designed news colors, finishes, and others concepts. According to the industry of the nails, the 33% of the womens have on average 25 bottles of nail polish. It’s a big business.

When the nails industry will continue to grow? I don’t know, but actually there are a lot of success. All the women buy and use these products.

We can see a lot publicity of Nails Art on TV, in magazines, in internet. Everyday there have a new color, more and more textures with a very good prices. It`s for all this that  we love so much.
In my opinion I think that if it is true that it has greatly increased the sales of nail polish: Personally maybe I have more of 25 bottles.

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