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The Hunger Games: Action-film feminism is catching fire

Jennifer Lawrence’s Katniss Everdeen is a new type of female action film icon.

Here is a joyful, photogenic young movie star who trips on her beautiful gown while stepping up to collect her Oscar, then jokes about it with a candour that disarms a worldwide audience. Lawrence wear a vial of blood on a cord around her neck. She does not vomit in front of paparazzi cameras, exasperate her colleagues with demands or require a Pilates trainer on call at all times.

What is the responsibility of celebrity? What messages do we want our pop culture sagas to convey? It is strange that behaving like a well-adjusted and responsible young woman counts as movie-star news or that the popularity of a female lead character who is strong and feminine, brave even when scared, compassionate even when imperfect, and respectful even when breaking with tradition counts as feminist heroism. But it does.

In my opinion she is a great actress and a great person. I think that She is different to the others famous and I like.

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