dijous, 21 d’agost de 2014

1. Can you see an improvement on your level of English in these last two years? 
Where, for example?

Yes, I can see an improvement in my English. But my level English continues is short. 
For example, before it was more difficult for me to write compositions, because I didn't know vocabulary. Now I know more words but I have difficulties in grammar.

2. Which activity best shows your level of English? 

I think writing and reading is my best activity because I learn more, I have time for think and look at the words.

3. Which activities were really USEFUL for you to improve your English? Why? 

Grammar was really useful for me, because if I known grammar, it is easier to construct a sentence.

4. Which activities did you not find useful to learn English? Why not? 

I didn't like at all the vocabulary dossier, because it was too advanced for me and I didn't understand anything.

 5. Which activities would like to do again next year to keep on improving your English? 

I would like to do again next year the blog, because I learn writing.

6. Open Comments (...More ideas, suggestions for activities, suggestion for new topics...)

I would like to find a way to learn vocabulary that is easier and more motivation.

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