dimarts, 30 de setembre de 2014

My goals

Dear Elisabet 

My name is Mar Sagrera and I study second social baxillerat. Principally my short-term goals in this moment are to finish the research project and obtain a good mark, and the most important goal is to pass all the subjects and arrive qualified in the selectivity examns. This year is the most important and the most difficult one, but I think  to study a lot and keep going. But I refuse to give up to go to parties and I stay with my friends.

When I finish this school year my log-term goals will be to go the University in Girona.I  Still don’t know the degree i want to study, but I have different options and I have to see which is the best for me. When I finish the studies I would like to travel around the world, I learn different languages and to know different cultures. 

Bye teacher, see you in class.

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