dissabte, 28 de febrer de 2015

NEWS: Anne Allen has created a fictitious career as an actress through social nets

The Spanish actress has forged a career as an actress falsifying photos. She has edited photos with your face above photos from other actresses, superimposing her face onto the different photos and sharing them with her 22.000 Instagram followers.

Also she posted a photo of her invitation to the Oscars and she reposted numerous snapshots in the Instagram account, including pictures, works set and her travels.

Now she deleted her account after it was discovered that she had posted fake photos of herself supposedly attending this year’s Oscars.

Perhaps all to begin with a small lie and after it so have escaped from their hands. I think she is very wrong but your manager is also guilty of this.

I think that although it isn’t a felony and a lot of people lies a little in his curriculum vitae, but in this case, the lie has been great and dangerous. On the other hand it may also be that this person has psychological problems of personality. The fact that it is an interesting case and with the social networking has become a surreal story.


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