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NEWS: Graffiti, demolition and angst in Shanghai

Demolition in China is often a sensitive, political subject: The economic development change the Chinese cities and change the old architecture. A lot of colourful, poignant paintings began to appear amid the rubble on at least two building sites. 

The publicity, though, attracted dozens of curious visitors and amateur photographers to one of the demolition sites in Shanghai's Jing'an district. They're the work of French graffiti artist Julien Malland and Chinese artist Shi Zheng. Some of those old houses that found themselves inadvertently in the middle of the open-air art gallery still have people living in them. As the walls are being torn down around them and they put red flags as a symbol of protest for the homes they don't want to lose.

This news explain that sometimes the little things are important and can make think the people. This story is an example of art that reaches the hearts of people and it can make art anywhere. The painting and many other types of art have always served to vindicate different things, especially social issues. 

The news explain that although the progress is good and also the construction of the big buildings sites is a breakthrough but before the old customs are also good.

I think it is a shame that these paintings have been destroyed, but I understand that the government need impede the access of people because these areas are already destroyed and the persons could have an accident.


Image of a girl on a Shanghai wall

Image of a child on a Shanghai wallChinese artist Shi Zheng

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