dilluns, 3 de juny de 2013


-There are three experiences that I already had:

This year I have made the trip of the end the ESO Mallorca. We left on the 30th of May and we returned on 2 May. We made ​​the trip back and forth by boat.
I think that this trip have been a good experience and can take a lot of anecdotes of school life that never forget.
We were in the area of Can Pastilla, where we enjoyed a pleasant stay in the hotel Linda with 3 stars. We had a small pool but the water was a little cool. The rooms and the food of the hotel are well.
We used the swimming pool and we also went to the beach. We were lucky because was quite warm. We visited the cave of the Drac, the Cathedral, the Majorica pearl factory and others sites.
At night I liked very much to go with all my friends in the pubs. I had already been to Majorca with my parents but this time was a very different experience with my friends. I enjoyed it and will always remember this trip.

Saturday morning I went to Barcelona, with two friends, Núria and Jana, by train. We toke the train in Figueras and we arrived at eleven o’clock to Passeig de Gràcia. We went to see the World Record Guinness of the sandwich of “Nocilla” longest in the world. It is three kilometers. The rest of the day we are shopping.

In January I went to skI in France, for a day, with my brother and a lot of friends of l’Armentera by bus. We amused very much but it was a tiring journey.

- This is one experience I haven’t had yet:

There is one thing I have not done that I would like. I will love to go on a trip to New York. It is a city that has always fascinated me. I think there are many beautiful things to visit and especially for to buy, is a city to go out and buy anything, especially clothes.
In the movies show us how people live in New York and I like being able to check.

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