dijous, 19 de desembre de 2013


Uptown Girl/ Boy

29% Flamboyance, 39% Originality, 69% Deliberateness, 50% Sexiness

Tasteful Conventional Deliberate Sexy
You like to have the best of what's fashionable. You pay attention to the way you are dressed, adapting the things you see on models so that they emphasize the qualities of your own body, which you are rather proud of. You don't care much about being extravagant, thinking that being trendy is a better way to feel good and to look good. Perhaps you happen to look down on those who choose their own taste over fashion creators' directions. In other words on the pathetic fashion victims who wear red when everyone else wears pink. But maybe you just pity them. You probably have an opinion of a well-dressed person and many copycat your choices, knowing that you are a fashion radar. They envy you your impeccable taste.  

The opposite style from yours is Hippy Kid [Flamboyant Original Random Prissy].

My opinion:

I was very surprised with the results of this test, I am not in agreement. I like fashion but not extravagant fashion.
I like to dress well and comfortable. For day to day I try to dress as much as possible comfortable. When I have some more formal event, I try to dress more formally.
I do not look the way other people dress, I try to dress my style and what I like.


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