dijous, 27 de febrer de 2014


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Apple fans are waiting out the new iPhone. We have already Heard That the iPhone 6 will have a superstrong probably sapphire crystal display. The material is used as a cover for the Apple camera lens to keep it from damage. Making the iPhone is much more resistant Than Other Phones. Will Liquidmetal design will also have the ability to solar charging, and there will be two different sizes. Morover also improves the optical image of the camera. 
Apple has launched rumors that the new iPhone would go on sale in mid-September.
My opinion
In my opinion I have done very well  invented a display stronger, because in other phones, the screens be broken very easy. But also I think the Apple need remove phones new, and that Iphone 5s and the Iphone 6 no have many differences. And that it could have been much improved.

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