dimarts, 18 de febrer de 2014


The wolf of wall street is a film that is an agent of the New York exchange who refuses to cooperate in a case of fraud, involving corruption on Wall Street, the commercial bank and the mafia.

Jordan Belfort decided to work in Mark Hanna, when you get the license to play the stock market, lost work, and the company falls into bankruptcy. He invests in the stock market and earn a lot of money, and gets rich. Because of this falls on drugs and worse times. He decided to open their own business with their friends and their parents. Your company begins to be investigated by the FBI. Because of the money and the drugs ends badly.

Finally he is arrested by the FBI, and once out of prison is dedicated to making comferencia stock market.

This film is very interesting and looks exactly how money and drugs can ruin the lives of people.

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