dissabte, 9 de maig de 2015

NEWS: Japan: Zoo sorry for naming monkey after new princess

The Takasakiyama Zoo, in southern Japan, put the name of Charlotte to the first female macaque monkey of the year. They put this name as a tribute to the princess of the British royal family. It is a tradition to put a name to the first newborn macaque monkey each year. And it is through a public vote.

This caused many complaints to a lot of people that they considered disrespectful to the British royal family. So the zoo has apologized on its website and they still thinking of renaming the monkey.
I think it is a beautiful tradition and anyone must not break this tradition. It is a popular vote therefore, in my opinion; the zoo must not rename the monkey, because the majority has decided in this way.
I do not think that it is disrespectful, quite the opposite. I think the people are very much exaggerated and the zoo can not to do attention to these people.

Macaque monkeys eating blossom

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