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NEWS: The mother who drank 24 cans of Red Bull a DAY - but cured her addiction with hypnosis

Ms Weatherill lives with boyfriend Phil Evans, 27, and four children aged between three and 14. He started drinking Redbull 2005 while studying, but in 2009 he noticed that I was completely hooked on this drink. I could not take anything without it. In 2010 it took 24 cans a day to care for their four children and stay awake at night to study to finish the race.

Eventually I could not do anything without this drink before drinking. He was wrong, had palmitacions, was depressive. Was taking half the lethal dose of caffeine. She finally decided to do something about the problem after she realised the constant need for the Red Bull was severely damaging her health.

But, incredibly, she claims she was completely cured of her addiction after a single session of 50 minuts with cognitive behavioral hypnotherapist David Kilmurry on April 11.

I think this drink is dangerous because produce a lot of addiction and also theirs components are entirely artificials and very harmful to the health. Some Europeans countries have banned this drink.

She was lucky, because any person could have died. People must understand that these drinks are like a drug and the health department should review and ban these types of drinks.

Sarah Weatherill, 31, was so addicted to Red Bull she drank 24 cans a day leaving her lethargic, depressed, suffering heart palpitations and constantly anxious

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