diumenge, 10 de maig de 2015

HUMAN RIGHTS NEWS: Klity Creek's neglected toxic lead legacy

Klity Creek (Thailand) is now also one of the most polluted industrial sites in all of Thailand. Eleven kilometres upstream is a former lead factory. The factory, was ordered to close in 1998. But still very polluted.

The residents of lower Klity Creek for decades they have been exposed to toxic lead. All this has led many people suffer heavy lead poisoning, some symptoms are: headaches, fatigue, and mood changes. Some children have been born with severe intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The Pollution Control Department (PCD), the government body charged with preventing and resolving pollution problems, don't have nothing to solve the problem.

The villagers can't drinking water or eating fish from the creek because the water is very contaminated.

In 2003, a superior court ordered the government to clean up a toxic site.


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