dissabte, 9 de maig de 2015

NEWS: Paws for thought over cryptic photo

The cat that goes stairs up or down depends on how you look.

After the photo of the dress that looked blue and black to some and white and gold the others, now a new picture has divided the opinions in internet.

The experts in animal morphology say that the body and the paws of the cat marks he goes up but if you look the construction of the stairs it can see very clearly that the cat goes down the stairs, well that's what the builders say.

First I would say that the first time I saw the picture I thought the cat climbed the stairs but after to read the news I changed my opinion and now if I set the eyes on the base of the ladder, I see that the cat downstairs.

I think that this news is very funny and the networks make everyone give their opinion on a subject so simple.

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