dimarts, 4 de desembre de 2012


communications manager
conflict resolution specialist
cruise director
customer service rep
dental hygienist
group mediator
human resources manager
marketing specialist
religious leader
social director
social worker
trainer facilitator
travel counselor

After making the text and the result is that I have an interpersonal intelligence, so the theory said that this kind of intelligence is found in very sociable people who are naturally skilled at working with groups or on teams.

I believe that this texts are indicative but do not think they are totally real. In my case, the group of occupations is quite extensive so there are a lot of jobs that I like more than others, but I do not agree with the generalization. All people are different and the jobs depend of many things, not only the type of intelligence that a person has.

Said the persons with this intelligence may not know how they do it, but they have a highly developed sensitivity or insight into how people feel, and they can use that intelligence to manipulate, persuade, entertain, comfort, please, or control people in negative or positive ways.

Normally the people have this intelligence they can do a good sales managers, politics, psychologist, religious leader, social director, social worker, teacher, public speaking or the work in the entertainment industry, all have a gift for handling people.

In my case the intelligence less developed is the intrapersonal intelligence and the theory said that they are persons can express your intelligence through writing, music, art, movement, even through the fields of spiritual and psychic experience.
They tend to be quiet, reflective, and not to talk a lot. They are very much at home in the field of Alternative Health Care, or any type of work that uses their special intelligence.

In this aspect I think that is really because I could not work alone and I would not be a doctor or any such office.

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