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NEWS: Are Flip Phones Having a Retro Chic Moment?

Back the retro fashion in phones. On Sept.4, Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue was photographed using a flip phone at the United States Open tennis tournament.

Ms. Wintour is not alone in this retro-chic phenomenon a lot of celebrities including Rihanna, Kate Beckinsale anb Scarlett Johansson have been photographed using their flip phones and also various politicos has been spotted using an old clamshell model.

The Senator Charles E. Schumer admits bought 10 of them in case they run out.

Saving money is only one of the big pluses. These phones are practically indestructible.

As a night-life chronicler is necessary to observe in live what’s going and not be obsessed with social nets, recording and taking pictures all the time.

With these phones I can live in the moment and I can be concentrate in all we do.

It’s a sign of true character. It’s so wrong, it’s right. It’s so unpretentious, it’s become almost haughty. Besides, it goes with my appliqued sweaters and owl glasses.

I like the new, but I’m not totally agree with the writer, because he are right in some things such as the issue that now everyone is obsessed with the last news phones and everybody lives outstanding looking phones at all times .

But I think it is not good to go back because the Smartphone are fantastic and the fact, they using these retro phones because is fashion and cool and it is just a way to get attention.

However I think it is a warning to the telephone companies, because they not raise prices.


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