dijous, 27 de novembre de 2014

NEWS: The surprising power of emoticons :-O

Today there are million of emoticons. Chris Baraniuk discovers as well as some can affect our emotions.

All started in 1980s when a computer scientist named Scott Fahlman created the first emoticon with a two points and a script. Since then arose a lot of different emoticons, that represents all types of emotions.

Khotulev says that using emoticons can to cause stronger and more varied responses from conversation.

Often there haven't enough words to explain the emotions and we used emoticons for improve the comunication.

Even using the emoticons we can know details about who you are and normally the womens used more emoticons than the men.

They been discovered that when we see some emoticon, our brain activity it activate as when we see a human face.

Keltner says that in the future, the emoticons could be more complex.

In my opinion the emoticons are essential for the communication with the messages. And it is very interesting to see that these icons effect in our emotions.


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