divendres, 28 de novembre de 2014

NEWS: Sony makes experimental e-paper watch

Sony makes an experimental e-paper watch:

It is a watch with a design very simple but with a very clear lines and very fashionable, following current trends.

The batteries of the e-paper work for about 60 days.

The technology of the watch face and straps is similar to used in e-book readers such as Amazon’s Kindle.

The Sony brand has hidden it was working on this device because I wanted to see if this product had sufficient demand or interest.

Product features are very good and being investigated in the realization of other fashion products such as shoes, ties and glasses.

The date is currently unknown when the Sony to market this product.

E-paper watch

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  1. Wow!! That's fantastic, I think this watch will be unbelievable. E.paper watch? Sony every day surprises me more.. they are fantastic, hopes will be popular :) Astonishing news!