dimarts, 10 de març de 2015


MAR: Hey girls, I have some news for you!
JANA: m... interesting what's up?
LAURA: Really? Tell me.
MAR: I was thinking that I well enter to the operation room one more time.
LAURA: Seriously?
JANA: Mar, in my opinion. You have already had enought operation.
MAR: No, I've only passed through the operation room 50 times!
LAURA: I'm agree with you. Not you?
JANA: No, It's very dangerous for her.
MAR: Isn't you busness Jana, what I decide to choose my new face.
LAURA: Mar, I think that you can choose what you do with your face. But, you don't know where your limits are.
JANA: Yes, every time you are more and more ugly, but If you are happier with it. Here is your liberty.
MAR: It's my face, so it's my decision.
LAURA: That's true but everything with excess will be wrong.
JANA: Do what you want, as always but I'm against to more operations!

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