dilluns, 9 de març de 2015

FOR AND AGAINST EAASY: Using blogs as a tod for learning english

Now, a lot of people write your blogs. Write in blogs is very popular. Two or three years ago I started my blog of English.

On the one hand, the adventges of write a blog of Englis hare that using blog in english, is very well for larning this lenguage. Everywere can read and understand the blog, because is public and it be writing in English, that is a lenguage international.

On the othes hand, to write a blog is very work, because I dedicate long time about my blog. Is difficult search news interesting for publish in the blog. In my opinion, my post favorite is the yoursay, because I can choose topic that I want.

In conclusion, I can taht is very interesting read the blogs of other people, and writing my own blog of English. Personally, I have learned a lot writing my blog of English.

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