dimarts, 17 de març de 2015

Human rights questions

1. What are human rights?
The human rights are moral principles that describe certain standards of human behaviour, and are regularly protected aslegal rights in national and international law.

2. When and why were they created?
Human tights were created in 1948, because after spending the war, there was much poverty and many misfortunes and horrors that suffered all people, and because of this they created human rights.

3. How many human rights are there?
There are thirty human rights.

4. Which human right were you not familiar with?
I didn't know of the existence of this human right: Asylum and rest & relaxation.

Make a list of new words you hear, if any. Think of an example where this human right is respected and where it is violated.
I chose the human right of worker's rights because I think that is very important that all of people have a good job with a living wage. This human right is very important because there every countries that don't comply this right, for example in  Africa or in countries in South America.


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