dilluns, 9 de març de 2015

NEWS: Police threaten to confiscate four year old girl’s bike on way to school because she was cycling on pavement

Sophie Lindley was cycling to go the school in Grantham (Licolnshire) with her father and an officer told them that her actions were against the law. The parents accepted it was illegal to ride on the pavement but they said that is ridiculous to think a four year old is not allowed and with only four year old to ride in the road it’s not safe.

The mother said that at first she thought he was joking but he looked deadly serious. When the little girl was into her class your teacher had to calm her because she thought she was going to be put in jail.

Mr. Lindley obeyed the officer’s order and he added that the path was totally empty and we walk along it every day because Sophie likes to cycle on her bike 

In my opinion this is a case very exaggerated. It’s normally that the cyclist can’t ride on the pavement but have some sense this is just a little kid.

I think that the little bikes under a certain size cant were allowed to ride on the pavement because the small children can’t be expected to ride on the road because it just isn’t safe. We know that the law indicates that it is forbidden but the police should have more common sense and although the law has to fulfil in some cases, like this, they should be more flexible.


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