dimarts, 10 de març de 2015

NEWS: All aboard! Hulk the world's biggest pit bull

The dog Hulk with only 17 months old with a weighing of twelve and a half stone (175 lbs), he is believed to be the world's largest pit bull. He is almost three times bigger than a normal Pit Bull Terrier.

The owners: Marlon and Lisa Grennan, from New Hampshire, say that your dog is very big and tall but he is very gentle like a nanny dogs. Each day he eats 4lbs of ground beef.

And while he admits his dogs are trained for aggression and power, he says the criticism is usually from people who live in safer environments with no need for protection. And why should somebody else live in fear if they don’t have to.

It is true that the called dangerous breeds of dogs have very bad reputation and it requires attention to their education but I think the problem is not with the dogs. Normally the problems are with the owners.

Usually these dogs if they are healthy they aren’t dangerous for reason of the dog breed. These dogs are more corpulent, they have more strength and a lot of strength but that does not mean they are dangerous.

This case is doubly complicated because this dog is of a dangerous breed but also has a extraordinary dimensions, but he is very good for the family and to the children, so it shows that the stereotypes are not always true.

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