dimarts, 10 de març de 2015

NEWS: Can a school demand your Facebook or Twitter login?

A school district in Illinois is embroiled in controversy after a letter it sent to parents was published, explaining that school officials are allowed to demand access to students' social media accounts.

The letter says that if your child has an account on a social networking website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, ask.fm, etc, your child may be asked to provide his or her password for these accounts to school officials. And a lot of parents who received the notice were also unnerved about the lack of privacy.

A school could only request passwords if there is ample evidence of a school rule being violated But the students weren't required to provide the passwords schools were simply allowed to request them under these circumstances. But is clearly that that's a power that's likely to be abused at some point.

Some argue that the law in Illinois violates Facebook's terms of use, which forbids users from sharing their password or letting anyone else access their account. Anytime a school is trying to control students behaviour outside school, it's a serious threat to their privacy and to their futures.

I think it is a violation of privacy and if the schools require to the students the passwords of the accounts in the social networking like a Facebook, Instagram, Whats,... etc in the hands of someone illegal, could substitute the persons and represents a serious risk. 

In my opinion only the police can require the passwords if they are evidences of cyberbulling. Children need to be inspired, not punished and certainly not made to feel violated.
A Facebook logo is reflected in a human eye.

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