dimecres, 11 de març de 2015


A few weeks ago, In to the english class, the teachers of english prepared a Skype with Noa. Noa is a girl that the last year she ended second of high school, and she decided go to Australia for pass one gap year, before going to university. She explained to us how the her day and day. We prepared differents questions for Noa, ans she answered all us questions.
Was very interesting all everything she explained us. 

I think that to do  a gap year is a very good option, before going to university. She has learned a lot of english, win personal experience is a new experience that she will never forget. 

I personally, I should like a lot to pass a gap year in the other country, but later. Because in thes moment I really want to go to the university.

Resultado de imagen de skype

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