dimecres, 11 de març de 2015

NEWS: Motorway thieves steal French jewls

An armed gang of thieves seized 9m. € in jewels in FranceA group of 15 hooded thieves seized the vehicles on the A6 motorway at Avallon at 220 Km near of Paris with some form of gas and later the lorries were found abandoned burned and complete emptyThe lorries had been carrying diamonds, others jewels and works. Now the police have been searching in the region and the neighbouring areas.

This isn’t the only theft in the recent years. Some of the most important have been, for example, the year before, when a gang of thieves wearing women’s clothing and wigs stolen a lot of jewels on a Harry Winston store in ParisAnd this year in the Cannes film festival were two separate robberies, including the theft of a necklace of 1,9m.€.

I think the crisis and unemployment do that every day there are more robberies, but I think that these types of thefts are expert people and the big majority comes from organized armed groups. The only thing you can do to combat this problem is to put more and more security and alarms.

In my opinion this Thieves are experts and trained to steal and they have very specialized equipment.

Recovered jewellery, 2009

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